Sunday, June 29, 2014

Twitter Fight Over my Marion Zimmer Bradley Opinion Piece Blog Entry

I blocked a user over on Twitter who was giving me grief over the wording in my blog entry about Marion Zimmer Bradley. Specifically, this person had issues with my choice of the word "ban" in my line "I would not call for a wholesale ban of her works". I was accused of being unclear and imprecise in my language by using "ban" instead of "boycott", even though I can point to a post on the TeleRead site, "More on Marion Zimmer Bradley and the ethics of artists", wherein which the author used the same language in basically the same context ("I am not arguing for any public ban..."). I've also been accused of lacking nuance because I mentioned that I think of Nazi book burnings and Christians burning Beatles records whenever someone talks about burning books or other creative works.

It seemed to me as if this Twitter discussion quickly turned into a case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't". I half-suspected that the individual-in-question never bothered to read my entire MZB blog entry, which was basically an opinion piece anyway, which should have been pretty obvious from phrases like "I think" and "I would not". I half-expected to get called a "moron" again. As a matter of fact, I did see that the person ended up making a
"Petty-Minded Jerk" comment in one of her own tweets (yeah, I know who she's talking about there, it's pretty obvious):

Actually, it seems that this person went into a bit of a tweeting tirade. I must have really pissed her off. Well, I must say, she pissed me off!

I'm feeling as if I'm not really entitled to my own thoughts and opinions. Once again, I'm getting the impression that I am catching grief not so much because of what I say, but because what I say doesn't necessarily match the opinion of the mob.

A word of warning: I refuse to play the childish games so many people in the genre writing world like to play. I'm sick of playing those asinine games. For anyone else who is thinking of giving me grief over my MZB entry or anything I say in my own space on-line: do it, and I WILL block you!

To be honest, I think some people in the genre writing world don't really care about my opinions. I think they're just looking for someone to argue with. Also, I think there are a number of people in that world who, if they know of me at all, just plain don't like me. And another thing; I don't respond well to bullies. I tend to bully them back!

I downloaded my Twitter archive and I took a look back at my tweets in this latest Twitter fight. I was actually quite restrained for me (I never was and will never be a renowned debater).Just for the record, a screen cap of my Tweets in this Twitter fight over my opinion-piece blog entry about Marion Zimmer Bradley.. It's not the greatest quality, but I think it's readable. Considering that I was the one getting pushed to provide "citations", and then I was the one given grief over my word choice in choosing "ban" in "I would not call for a wholesale ban of her works", was I so god-damned unreasonable?