Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If Feminism is Man-Hating, What About Male Feminists?

There are people out there, both male and female, who seem to think feminism is all about hating men. Here's a question for those who think feminism is all about hating men: what about male feminists? Yes, they do exist! Yes, a man CAN be a feminist!

I seem to recall that Alan Alda, star of the classic TV series M*A*S*H*, is a vocal feminist activist. For those too young to know who Alan Alda is, there are several more recently famous men who are feminists.

The site Pajiba has a list of 10 Supercool Feminist Men. This list includes men like Patrick Stewart, who is a spokesman for Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women campaign, and
David Schwimmer, who is Director of The Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica. Alan Alda is also on the list.

The site Gurl has a gallery of quotes from 15 Male Celebrities Who Have Talked About Feminism and Support Women. This gallery includes some celebrities featured in the Pajiba list as well as others who have made pro-women and pro-feminism comments. I particularly like what Matt Damon said about raising his four daughters to be strong, good women. That has been one of my life-goals; to raise my daughter to be a strong, good woman.

John Brougher, VP of marketing and nonprofit community at NGP VAN, is also founder of MaleFeminists.com. He obviously considers himself a feminist. In an opinion column on the CNN site entitled "I'm a male feminist. No, seriously", Mr. Brougher had this to say regarding what he thinks feminism means:
My feminism is a simple belief in equality. I'm a feminist because I believe that men and women are and should be equal, but we're not treated equally right now.
The Dali Lama calls himself a feminist. Apparently, his definition of a feminist is  someone who fights for women's rights
Are all these famous men men-haters?

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