Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Many People Am I Going to End Up Blocking on Twitter?

And so it begins...

This was an interaction I had on Twitter just a little while ago. I did end up blocking the person, but it take a few seconds to go to the profile and click on "block":

Devil turned round @sinboy 3m
@popelizbet @RHFay Ooh! Block me block me! I'm "PC police"! I don't want MZB's books at my home (totally the same as government censorship!)

Richard H. Fay @RHFay 4m
@sinboy @popelizbet Where did I say "totally same as govt. censorship?" Nowhere, 'cause I didn't!

Devil turned round @sinboy 13s
@RHFay @popelizbet Wait, I was promised a blocking! Where's my blocking!? Where's my Nazi comparison!?

Richard H. Fay @RHFay 3m
@sinboy @popelizbet But, yeah, you can be blocked, too!