Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hating on Fangirls is Absurd

RiotousPeople has posted another Vlog. This time, it's another video calling for nerds and geeks to stop hating on fangirls:

(Part 1 may be viewed here.) 

I don't even get all this talk about "fake fangirls" and all this hatred directed toward fangirls in general. The whole "fake fangirl" thing is absurd. No one gets to sit judgement on other fans of a particular genre, franchise, or character, and decide whether or not they are fake or real. Simply being female does not make someone a "fake fan". Geeks and nerds gotta stop being pathetic losers by hating on fangirls. Such hate just makes the haters look ridiculous.

Women can certainly be fans of science fiction. After all, women can also be creators of science fiction. Frankenstein is, arguably, the first work of science fiction. Frankenstein was written by a woman, Mary Shelley. The longest running science fiction show on television, Doctor Who, was originally produced by a woman, Verity Lambert. So far, four SFWA Damon Knight Memorial Grand Masters have been women: Andre Norton* (1984), Ursula K. Le Guin (2003), Anne McCaffrey (2005), and Connie Willis (2012). And then there was Madeline D'Engle, who wrote young adult literature, including science fiction/fantasy, including  the Newbury Medal-winning novel A Wrinkle in Time.

Women continue to create science fiction. The fan girls I know are typically so real that they aren't just fans of genre, they write genre! I know (or know of) several women writers of speculative fiction and poetry, as well as several female genre artists.

Not that fangirls have anything to prove to anybody. Anyone, male, female, or whatever, can be a fan of things science fiction. Though I don't always agree with everything John Scalzi says, and I think some of his sillier attention-getting moments make him look like a fool, I certainly agree with most of what he says here:
Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be.

If what John Scalzi says isn't enough, there is also Tracey Sinclair's take on this whole "fake fangirl" business from the perspective of a fangirl:
FANGIRL UNLEASHED: There’s No Such Thing As A Fake Geek

There is also a wonderful video by the Doubleclicks does a fantastic job of showing how fangirls have Nothing to Prove. It's definitely worth watching.

* For anyone who wonders about a woman writer named Andre, Andre Norton was one of the pen name's used by
Alice Mary Norton.

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