Thursday, June 12, 2014

Alcoholism Affects Others, Not Just the Alcoholic

Considering that I was surrounded by alcoholics when I was a kid, considering that I was a kid who witnessed both abusive and drunk-driving alcoholics in action, considering that I am now an adult who displays some of the common personality traits of adult children of alcoholics, I am not the sort of person who wants to see an individual who has worked in substance abuse for years make a comment along the lines of "there are actually non drunk driving, non abusive alcoholics contrary to popular belief" and see that same individual display a "live and let live" attitude toward supposedly non-abusive non-drunk driving alcoholics. Basically, the individual made it sound as if alcoholism is okay when there are no obvious signs of abuse or drunk driving.


My belief is this: alcoholism is a disease. It is a nasty, life-destroying disease. Not only that, alcoholism is a disease that affects more lives than just the life of the diseased alcoholic. If there are families involved, then the families are affected, too. Alcoholics don't have to be abusive or drive drunk to affect those around them. Additionally, alcohol is often a common feature in abusive relationships.

So, for the individual who has worked for years in substance abuse who made the comment that "there are actually non drunk driving, non abusive alcoholics contrary to popular belief", I have this to say: you just earned the right to proudly fly my "Idiot Pride Flag".

Should I even mention that this individual is also a writer?

(I really must watch who I befriend on Facebook. I get into so much trouble befriending the wrong people on Facebook, especially if they happen to be writers.)

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