Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quite the Sale: Sold a Crossbow Square Queen Duvet!

Here's quite the sale...sold early this morning through CafePress to a customer in Gulgong, New South Wales, Australia: one Crossbow Square Queen Duvet.

Now, I have no idea what my "Crossbow" image looks like on something as large as a queen duvet. This isn't an item I created myself; it's something available through CafePress' Listing Store. Still, if this sale clears in the end, I'll receive $15.50 in royalties. The net revenue for the sale of the Crossbow Square Queen Duvet was $154.99. That means someone liked my illustration of a medieval crossbow enough to spend $154.99 on queen duvet featuring that image. Yes, that's $154.99.

According to the Dashboard over on my CafePress account, I've already sold $576.72 worth of items this year. I believe this is excluding the $154.99 for the duvet because this most recent sale is currently pending.

I think I can safely declare adding my works to CafePress items a success.

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