Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Signature Artwork?

On the RedBubble blog, there is an open discussion asking artists to share one artwork that defines their signature style. I picked my "Roman Saint George". This is what I said about my choice:

I found it hard to decide, but I went with my "Roman Saint George" because it has an armoured warrior of legend clad in historical armour fighting a dragon of fantasy. It displays both my penchant for historical details and my fondness for the fantastical. Though I also compose science fiction and horror artwork and illustrations, this one is very representative of the sort of art that has been at the core of my artistic endeavours for many years now. Though I've done a bit of work in black and white and I like to say "the line's the thing" when it comes to my artwork, I think the full-colour "Roman Saint George" is representative of my love of bold and bright hues.
I suppose that one was as good a one as any to pick, but I could just as easily have picked "Denizens of the Diabolic Wood", "Excalibur", or "Mechanical Dragon". I think the line work in "Denizens of the Diabolic Wood" is very good, and I do find myself drawing trees quite often, but I think my full-colour artwork is even more representative of my overall style. "Excalibur" happens to be another fine example of mixing historical elements into fantasy art, but it's really just a detail from a larger work of mine ("Excalibur and Arthur"). "Mechanical Dragon" is a good example of my sci-fi art, but my main focus has always been art inspired by history and legend.

That being said, I would almost have chosen my cover artwork for Issue 9 of Plasma Frequency as my signature piece, if it was in my RedBubble portfolio. It's not, so I didn't. I do think it's one of my best works so far.

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