Monday, April 7, 2014

Weird Experience: Possible Episode of Sleep Paralysis

A few days ago, while I was lying in bed during the dark hours of the morning before dawn, I had a strange experience. It began when I witnessed a bright light shining through the living room window, which I can see from the bedroom. Then, as I dozed off, I heard a mechanical voice speaking robotic-sounding gibberish in my ear. I attempted to cry out "leave me alone!", but my mouth wouldn't form the words. For a disturbing moment, I couldn't move. In some ways, it was like a dream/nightmare, but more vivid than my usual dreams.

Michele thinks I'm crazy. It is possible I saw the headlights from a neighbour's car shining through the window and then dreamed or hallucinated the bizarre noise/voice. Either that, or an alien robot speaking a weird electronic language passed by my bedside.

The more I ponder over it, and the more I read about the old hag syndrome and sleep paralysis, the more I'm starting to believe that I experienced an auditory hallucination associated with isolated sleep paralysis. I had felt as though there had been an alien presence in my bedroom. For a moment, I had felt paralyzed. However, one of the cats stayed on the bed the whole time, so it is very doubtful that an alien robot actually did pass through the room to speak electronic gibberish in my ear. I think that would have sent the cat running.
Even so, leave it to me to have such a weird hallucination!

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