Friday, April 4, 2014

Sci-Fi Filler Artworks in Spring 2014 STAR*LINE

The Spring 2014 issue of Star*Line is now out. My sci-fi filler artworks "Reflections" and "Dracopterix Pursues Quad Fliers" appear in that issue.

Seeing as how Star*Line is the official 
official newsletter and network instrument of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and seeing as how I'm an SF poet as well as an artist, you would think I would send them more poetry. Over the years, I've only sent a handful of poems their way. I've only  had one poem appear in an issue of  Star*Line. "Holiday on Phreetum Prime" appeared in the March/April 2008 issue. I really haven't sent any poetry their way recently.

I've now had several filler artworks (seven at last count) published in Star*Line. I believe my total number of art submissions to that particular venue is now greater (by one) than my total number of poetry submissions to the same venue. Seeing as how I've been very much in an art mood lately, and seeing as how my art seems to sell better than my poetry, I think I'll continue going with what works.

Now I have to come up with some ideas for more sci-fi filler artwork.

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