Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vikings in Ireland!

Sold this morning through my Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store to a customer in Belfast, Northern Ireland: a Three Viking Sword Hilts Print.

This is especially cool considering that the Vikings played a prominent role in medieval Irish history. They raided Irish monasteries and churches. They also settled in Ireland and established coastal towns such as Dublin, Cork, and Limerick. The Danish kingdom of Dublin, founded in 852 when the Danes wrested control of the fortified town from the Norse, endured for three centuries. Eventually, the Vikings waned as a political power in medieval Ireland and the descendants of Viking settlers were absorbed into Celtic Irish society.

Swords of the Viking Age have been uncovered in Ireland. The sword on the left of my "Three Viking Sword Hilts" is based on one found in the collection of the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. This weapon was discovered in a Ballinderry bog drainage ditch.

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