Saturday, February 8, 2014

Updated Online Portfolio

I just updated my Azure Lion Productions: Richard H. Fay - Artist/Illustrator Carbonmade online portfolio. A detail from my draconic artwork "Conjuring the Dragon" now serves as the banner for my "Fantasy" section. I also took down a few older artworks and added some newer ones. Added to my "Sci-Fi" section: my cover artwork for Plasma Frequency, Issue 9, and my weird sci-fi artwork "Shedroid on Tentacles", which appeared in Issue 2 of [NAMEL3SS] Magazine. Added to my fantasy section: my illustration for Robert Collins' "The Templar Conspiracy", which appeared in the May - Jul '13 issue of Sorcerous Signals. Added to my "Horror" section: "Faces and Figures in the Mist", which appeared as an interior illustration in parABnormal Digest, Issue 4.

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