Friday, February 21, 2014

Unauthorized Publication of Article on Another Blog

I have discovered an unauthorized publication of my entire article "The Alp and the Schrattl", without any sort of byline or attribution of me as author of the piece, on the Blogger blog Fringe. I will have to do something about this. I am author and owner of that work, which originally appeared in the Walpurgisnacht 2010 issue of Hungur and later appeared right here on this blog.

I will have to send a take down/cease & desist notice. I will protect my copyrighted works, including my articles. It would be one thing if the entry was an excerpt from the article with a link to my own post, but it's another to post the entire article and neglect to acknowledge me as author.

Here is the article on the blog Fringe:
Fringe: The Alp and the Shcrattl

Here is the article on my own blog:
Azure Lion Productions: The Alp and the Schrattl

Reported copyright infringement to Google through their online DMCA complaint form. Now I await and see if Google determines it a valid and actionable legal complaint.

BTW, the list of contents and contributors to Issue 10 of HUNGUR, Walpurgishnacht 2010, can be seen here:
Hungur 10

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