Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Those From the Shadows" Published in BETE NOIRE #14

Issue #14 of Bete Noire has been released, which means my little horror story "Those From the Shadows" has been published. In the acceptance letter, the editor called the story a favourite, described it as "beautiful", and thanked me for putting a new spin on vampire lore.

The story had a convoluted history. In its original version, the story bore an uncomfortable resemblance to H. P. Lovecraft's "From Beyond". It wasn't intentional, but when I re-read "From Beyond", it was obvious. I admit to being heavily influenced by Lovecraft's works, and in that instance, I may have let my influences influence me a little too much.

With some revisions to certain major details, changing arcane machinery to occult incantations and symbols, it became less like Lovecraft's story. Also, my beings from the shadows are definitely vampiric in nature, and could be said to be relations of the Alpe featured in my story "Vengeance of the Alpe".

If you want to read the story that the editor of the zine called a favourite, purchase a copy of Bete Noire #14.

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