Monday, February 17, 2014

Must be a Male Chauvinist Pig

Uh oh, looking back at the stories I've had published so far, I realize that most of them have few if any female characters of note. The only women in my fairy fantasy story "Father Ryan's Fright" are in the background. I refused to buck two thousand years of tradition and current church policy and make the main character, an Irish Catholic priest, a woman. My medieval fantasy adventure story featuring my fighting undersheriff, "An Evil in Carnlinton", is a regular "sausage fest"! About the only story of mine with a strong female character is "The Redcap of Glamtallon", and even then, the character spends part of the time cowering in the shadows.

At one time, I had thought of making a sex change to the two characters in my soon-to-be-published horror story "Those From the Shadows". I did consider switching them from straight men into lesbians. However, considering the bad stuff that happens to those characters in that story, I figured turning them into lesbians might be in bad taste.

I MUST be a  male chauvinist sexist pig, then! If people in the SF writing realm paid more attention to me and my works, they would be piling on the insults and ridicule. Shame on me!

Just call me a swine and tell me how I'm a bad, bad boy for having so many men and so few women in my fiction.

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