Thursday, February 13, 2014

Known Less as a Poet/Writer/Artist/Illustrator and More as an A**hole?

One thing that irritates the hell out of me is the fact that my blog post wherein which I voiced my tactlessly honest thoughts and feelings regarding the death of a certain author/publisher, a blog post that offended people, a blog post that people found despicable, a blog post that people said crossed a line, a blog post that got me called a vulture, has received more views than any other recent post. It bothers me that this one bit of nastiness seems to have received more attention than any of my recent entries featuring examples of my creative works, or entries linking to those works recently published. It irks me to see that this post continues to receive attention a month after I posted it.

Folks, this awful fact is sending me a message, loud and clear. It's telling me that some people don't give a damn about my creative works. It's telling me that some people only pay attention to me when I say nasty things.

Believe it or not, I do a lot more than just say nasty things about writers, deceased or otherwise. Believe it or not, I've moved on to other things since I posted that entry back on January 13th. I've posted 60-some-odd entries since that date. Unfortunately, I'm starting to think that I'm now known less as a poet/writer/artist/illustrator and more as an a**hole who said nasty things about a certain writer shortly after her death.

I'm going to be tactlessly honest once again: I'm thinking the fact that one nasty blog entry has received more attention than recent entries featuring my creative works says less about me and my character and more about the character of many of the people in the SFF & Horror writing community. Yes, in this age of the crazy-net, nothing gets attention like a little crazy-net nastiness! This seems especially true of the SF&F and Horror writing community.

Maybe I'm just a moron/nitwit/internet weirdo for saying such things online. Maybe I should give up caring what others think of me. Would certainly be easier that way.

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