Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fed up with the SF Writing Community

More than ever, I'm thinking that, aside from a handful of my regular venues (like ones that keep sending me art assignments), I have to distance myself from the SF writing/publications community. I'm that disgusted with it! And, no, this has nothing to with rejections. This is all about the vitriol constantly flung about within that community. This is all about members of that community being constantly at each other's throats. It's a toxic environment!

I cut off contact with my family because they were toxic. I don't need to deal with toxicity from the SF writing community. I will stop paying attention to people who are more aggravating than anything else, regardless of how big they are in the SF witting community. If I deem that community too toxic, I will stop paying attention to it. Period.  Besides, I know very few if any people within that community are paying the slightest attention to me, so why should I give a damn about them anyway?

Even though I'm not a member of the (allegedly) pro writing organization at the centre of the latest fracas and not directly involved in it, I know such things have a way of spilling over into the SF writing community in general. I've seen evidence of this already. It may be time for me to stop hanging out on the fringe of that community and walk away from it for a while. It may be time for me to stop listening to people who do nothing but spit venom all the time. I'm sick of it!

Maybe I should concentrate on horror.

I wonder how long before this gets me called a moron? Again.

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