Thursday, February 13, 2014


I love Gustavo Bondoni's viewpoints on those issues that always seem to have the SFF writing community in a stir. It's nice to see a global viewpoint regarding these matters. Now I see he has a place online for "global citizens and polymaths", a site for a "globe-trotting, intelligent person who believes that specialization is for insects ".

If you've followed my own blog for a while, you know what I think of those who say you must do one thing and one thing only. I scoff at writers who say things like "if you're a writer/something else, and writer doesn't come first, then you're not really a writer", or "Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None", etc. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a published poet/writer as well as an artist/illustrator who has seen his artworks and illustrations published in various publications and sold on merchandise available for purchase through three different online retailers (Zazzle, CafePress, and Redbubble). Previously, I was a lab-technician-turned-home-educator. I find the idea of doing only one thing with your life laughable at best.

Check out the blog Classically Educated.

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