Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pay Me if You Want to Use My Art

Message I received through Zazzle:
"Richard, I like the Excalibur graphic on your tee shirt on Zazzle. I have that graphic, but also has background of water, land , and a boat with Arthur. I had used it for a Monty Python based shirt. I like yours a lot better and was wondering if you could share it so I could redesign my shirt."

My response:
"I am a professional artist, so I receive a professional rate for the use of my original copyrighted artworks."

Of course, I may receive less than a professional rate when I sell my art to small press publications, but I wasn't telling that to someone who wants me to "share" my original copyrighted artwork. The artwork in question happens to be a piece that was published (in black and white, as a colouring page) in a zine, in Abandoned Towers, Issue #6, July 2010.

 I actually have two different "Excalibur" images up in my Azure Lion Productions Zazle Store, one with Arthur in a boat in the middle ground, and one without.

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