Friday, July 19, 2013

Old News Dredged Up: The Cat Craziness Spreads Some More

Yes, old news keeps getting spread on the crazy-net. Apparently, someone at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) ran across someone else sharing the 7-9 month old TU Advocate blog article(s) about the cat craziness.

Alas, at best, these articles cover only half the story. What they DON'T cover is the harassment that my daughter and her boyfriend have been subjected to, and the threats made toward my daughter. The articles don't cover the face-to-face confrontations and the police reports filed. The situation became so serious, especially when it became obvious that the apartment manager had facilitated the harassment (the MHHS certainly didn't give out their names and address), that my daughter and her boyfriend were forced to move.

Being old unbalanced news, these TU Advocate blog articles also don't cover recent events in this saga, like Judge Zwack handing down a decision in favour of my daughter and her boyfriend. It seems clear to me what Judge Zwack felt about the inattentiveness and inactions of the plaintiffs n regard to the cat in question:

"Plaintiffs own actions, or inactions as the case may be, directly led to their loss - the cat had no collar or microchip for identification - and the cat was allowed to roam the neighborhood freely. While plaintiffs never imagined this scenario, and the Court surely appreciates that it is indeed heartbreaking event, it was an inevitable consequence of their inattention to their cat."

It also seems clear to me that Judge Zwack felt that the law was on the side of my daughter and her boyfriend.

The main person on the other side of this case once declared that she would "let the judge decide". Well, one judge has already decided. However, regardless of previous proclamations, the other side doesn't want to accept Judge Zwack's decision. As I have already said before, the other side in the case has filed a notice of appeal, so the cat craziness continues. My daughter and boyfriend have to continue to defend themselves against this lawsuit, a lawsuit involving a cat that had been legally turned over to the MHHS, a cat that was subsequently legally adopted from the MHHS. If the other side wins in the end, this case could set a terrible precedent. It could have a chilling effect on the operation of the MHHS.

And, no, I refuse to link to the old TU Advocate blog articles because I see them as old news and rather irrelevant in the face of Judge Zwack's decision. One judge has already decided that my daughter and her boyfriend did nothing wrong. Those articles do nothing to overturn Judge Zwack's decision. It's up to the appellate division to decide either to overturn the decision or to let it stand, if they even decide to hear the case at all.

This whole goddamn thing is a nightmare that just won't stop!

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