Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adding More Edward IV Stuff...

Since I sold an Edward IV poster the other day, I thought I would check and see how many Edward IV items I have in my Zazzle store. Alas, I had very few. I didn't even have Edward on a T shirt! I've decided to rectify that. Here is the first Yorkist King of England beneath three suns in splendour on a Zazzle T Shirt:

George, George, and More George: Saint George X 4 on My RedBubble

I hear that the new-born British royal prince has been named George Alexander Louis. Queen Elizabeth II's father was George VI. Saint George is the Patron Saint of England. I've drawn Saint George a few times over the years. Four of my Saint George artworks are on my RedBubble portfolio:

Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm a Fan of Godzilla! Got a Problem With That?

I love Godzilla and other giant monsters of film. I always have. I'm not ashamed to admit that, as I type this, I have several Bandai and a couple of Trendmaster toys of Toho kaiju, including four different Godzillas, looking down on me from the top shelf of my computer desk.

I passed on my love of Godzilla to my daughter. She has watched Godzilla movies as long as she can remember. When she was little, among the books we would read to her were a couple of Godzilla children's books illustrated by the incredibly talented Bob Eggleton. I am proud of the fact that my daughter, now a grown woman and a talented writer in her own right, penned an intelligent and interesting article about Godzilla for inclusion on her HubPage.

I hear some people in the SF community look down on fans of the "Big G". If you have a problem with my love of Godzilla movies and merchandise, then you have a problem with one of the things that makes me the person I am. If you have a problem with the fact that I am a huge fan of Godzilla, then you have a problem with me.

Old News Dredged Up: The Cat Craziness Spreads Some More

Yes, old news keeps getting spread on the crazy-net. Apparently, someone at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) ran across someone else sharing the 7-9 month old TU Advocate blog article(s) about the cat craziness.

Alas, at best, these articles cover only half the story. What they DON'T cover is the harassment that my daughter and her boyfriend have been subjected to, and the threats made toward my daughter. The articles don't cover the face-to-face confrontations and the police reports filed. The situation became so serious, especially when it became obvious that the apartment manager had facilitated the harassment (the MHHS certainly didn't give out their names and address), that my daughter and her boyfriend were forced to move.

Being old unbalanced news, these TU Advocate blog articles also don't cover recent events in this saga, like Judge Zwack handing down a decision in favour of my daughter and her boyfriend. It seems clear to me what Judge Zwack felt about the inattentiveness and inactions of the plaintiffs n regard to the cat in question:

"Plaintiffs own actions, or inactions as the case may be, directly led to their loss - the cat had no collar or microchip for identification - and the cat was allowed to roam the neighborhood freely. While plaintiffs never imagined this scenario, and the Court surely appreciates that it is indeed heartbreaking event, it was an inevitable consequence of their inattention to their cat."

It also seems clear to me that Judge Zwack felt that the law was on the side of my daughter and her boyfriend.

The main person on the other side of this case once declared that she would "let the judge decide". Well, one judge has already decided. However, regardless of previous proclamations, the other side doesn't want to accept Judge Zwack's decision. As I have already said before, the other side in the case has filed a notice of appeal, so the cat craziness continues. My daughter and boyfriend have to continue to defend themselves against this lawsuit, a lawsuit involving a cat that had been legally turned over to the MHHS, a cat that was subsequently legally adopted from the MHHS. If the other side wins in the end, this case could set a terrible precedent. It could have a chilling effect on the operation of the MHHS.

And, no, I refuse to link to the old TU Advocate blog articles because I see them as old news and rather irrelevant in the face of Judge Zwack's decision. One judge has already decided that my daughter and her boyfriend did nothing wrong. Those articles do nothing to overturn Judge Zwack's decision. It's up to the appellate division to decide either to overturn the decision or to let it stand, if they even decide to hear the case at all.

This whole goddamn thing is a nightmare that just won't stop!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Story Accepted for January 2014 BETE NOIRE

Well, after a number of rejections and rewrites, after more than one "close, but not quite", my horror short story "Those From the Shadows" has been accepted for publication in the the January 2014 issue of BETE NOIRE. Not only was it accepted, but it was accepted with praise:
"It was editors favorite, and we have to say THANK YOU for putting a new spin on vampire lore. It was a beautiful piece."

YESSSS!!! That's the sort of response I like to see. And it looks like the roll will roll on into 2014.

Who Told My Daughter's Harassers Where My Daughter Lived? I Believe I Know...

The other side in this fight would never have known that Stephanie and Bryan were the ones who took the cat to the Mohawk Hudson Humane society had the manager of Horizon Ridge Apartments not given out that information. Apparently, she did, and that's how my daughter's harassers found out where she lived at the time. That's what enabled them to show up screaming at the Horizon Ridge apartment my daughter shared with her boyfriend, the day I confronted my daughter's harassers at the front door of the building.

And the Cat Craziness Continues...

Just when we all thought that the craziness over a cat legally turned over to and then adopted from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society was over, we find out that an appeal has been filed with the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. I guess the other side didn't like the things Judge Zwack had said in his decision, especially things like this:

"Plaintiffs own actions, or inactions as the case may be, directly led to their loss - the cat had no collar or microchip for identification - and the cat was allowed to roam the neighborhood freely. While plaintiffs never imagined this scenario, and the Court surely appreciates that it is indeed heartbreaking event, it was an inevitable consequence of their inattention to their cat."

So much for suffering the consequences of your own actions or inactions. I guess people are no longer responsible for the irresponsibility of their own actions or inactions. The cat certainly suffered; there are vet records indicating that the cat was infested with ticks and tapeworms on several occasions and had suffered injuries while roaming free and foraging for food.

Remember, this whole lawsuit occurred after Crazy and her cronies had already launched a campaign of harassment and threats against my daughter. There are police reports on record.

As far as I am concerned, the lawsuit against my daughter and my daughter's boyfriend and the notice of appeal from Judge Zwack's decision in the matter are all part of an ongoing campaign of harassment, a campaign that began, not with legal action, but with threats and a face-to-face confrontation. That's how I look at it!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Illustrations in THE LORELEI SIGNAL

My illustration for Heidi Wainer's "The Specters of Haveroan" and my illustration for Erin Cole's "Her Quest for a Beating Heart" both appear in the July-September 2013 issue of The Lorelei Signal. If I was to choose which of the two illustrations I like better, it would probably be the one for Erin Cole's story. I think that story was a better match for my style.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pay Me if You Want to Use My Art

Message I received through Zazzle:
"Richard, I like the Excalibur graphic on your tee shirt on Zazzle. I have that graphic, but also has background of water, land , and a boat with Arthur. I had used it for a Monty Python based shirt. I like yours a lot better and was wondering if you could share it so I could redesign my shirt."

My response:
"I am a professional artist, so I receive a professional rate for the use of my original copyrighted artworks."

Of course, I may receive less than a professional rate when I sell my art to small press publications, but I wasn't telling that to someone who wants me to "share" my original copyrighted artwork. The artwork in question happens to be a piece that was published (in black and white, as a colouring page) in a zine, in Abandoned Towers, Issue #6, July 2010.

 I actually have two different "Excalibur" images up in my Azure Lion Productions Zazle Store, one with Arthur in a boat in the middle ground, and one without.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Artwork on Cover of July 2013 BARDS AND SAGES QUARTERLY

Another cover! My fantasy artwork "Confronting the Dragon" appears on the cover of the July 2013 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly. Yes, dragons work for me yet again. Sorcerers, too!