Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Crazy Lawsuit Win, but the Craziness Might not be Over

My daughter and her boyfriend won the crazy lawsuit over their legal adoption of a cat from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. The judge ordered that plaintiffs' motion for summary judgement is denied and further ordered that defendants (my daughter and her boyfriend) are granted reverse summary judgement and the complaint is dismissed.

Not that this means the craziness is over. There is the slight chance that the plaintiffs could appeal the judge's ruling. Also, we gave the main plaintiff in the case the nickname of "Crazy" for a reason. She has already exhibited a pattern of harassment, which was reported to the police on several occasions.

Alas, my daughter and her boyfriend were too kind. They never had Crazy arrested. If Crazy or any of her family members or cronies show up at my place of residence screaming and threatening (which they might), no second chances; I WILL have her or any of her family members or cronies arrested!

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