Saturday, May 25, 2013

Surprise: Artwork Published in January Issue of BEYOND CENTAURI!

Well, this is interesting...I just found out that my pulp-ish sci-fi artwork "Giant Alien Bug Attack!" was actually published, in the January 2013 issue of Beyond Centauri. I even confirmed the fact with my own eyes, by purchasing a pdf copy from the White Cat Publications Bookstore (it's there on page 27, in glorious full-colour). Not that I doubted what I was told, I just wanted to see it for myself. Plus, I've taken to obtaining an e-copy of publications containing my work every now and then, even when I'm supposed to receive a print contributor's copy (which, I'm told, should be forthcoming over the next few weeks).

I did not know about this publication until now. Consider that "Giant Alien Bug Attack!" was one of the works I asked WCP to release back to me, a sticky situation could have arisen had I sent the work to another publication. Luckily, I instead added the piece to my RedBubble portfolio and Azure Lion Productions Zazzle store. Sticky situation avoided!

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Richard Fay said...

The artwork is listed in Beyond Centauri as "Giant Alien Bug", not "Giant Alien Bug Attack!". I know I kept changing the title, adding and then removing and then re-adding that "attack" at the end. I decided to keep it in there when I added the piece to my Zazzle store and RedBubble portfolio.