Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Thoughts Regarding the WCP Sam's Dot "Jane Doe" Post and My Reactions to that Post

Since I have been very vocal regarding my displeasure over the whole Sam's Dot/White Cat/"Jane Doe" mess and how it seems to have affected the White Cat/Sam's Dot merger, it has come to my attention that I might appear to be defending a child molester.

Let me make it perfectly clear here and now, I am not defending what Tyree Campbell did 32 years ago. However, I was always under the impression that he had served his sentence, had paid his debt to society. I feel it was improper and rather worrisome that Rick Moore of WCP made a public post dragging that skeleton out of Tyree's closet and suggesting that Sam's Dot Publishing is a part of the whole "Jane Doe" mess, that Sam's Dot Publishing the company cannot be separated from Tyree Campbell the man. In Moore's own words:

"I knew about the allegations when I took on Sam’s Dot Publishing, but at first believed the magazines and books were separate from the individual. I was wrong. I don’t think that anymore."

It appears to me that Moore's "Jane Doe" post goes way beyond a personal attack against Tyree Campbell and strays into the territory of sullying the reputations of all who were involved, one way or another, with the small press that Tyree owned and operated. The implication is there that all Sam's Dot books and magazines are tainted by Tyree's involvement. Taking that one step further, it could be argued that all previous Sam's Dot editors and contributors are also tainted by their involvement with the company and its books and magazines. Perhaps my perceptions are skewed at the moment, but right now, that's the way it looks to me.

I'm a freelancer who has done freelance work for a number of publishers and editors, Sam's Dot being only one of many. If I'm defending anyone or anything here, first and foremost, I'm defending myself and my own reputation. I'm also defending the reputations of all other previous Sam's Dot contributors, as well as the reputations of all those former Sam's Dot editors who always treated me fairly. So far, WCP has done little but make lots of promises, some of which have already proved to be empty ones (contributors will hardly notice a difference, business will go on as usual, the Sam's Dot zines will continue to be published, Sam's Dot editors will be retained, the transition will be a smooth one, Sam's Dot zines will see an increased distribution, etc. etc. etc.).

FYI, the story WCP is telling regarding the transition troubles doesn't completely match the story various former Sam's Dot editors are telling. Who am I to believe in this whole mess?

I can't believe I feel like I have to post this. What a nightmare! At this moment in time, I'm thoroughly and utterly disgusted!

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Richard Fay said...

Since I know how some writers only really support free speech when they agree with what's being said, let me point out here and now that I'm a "starving" artist with no assets and little income, one who has pretty much given up caring what people in the publication realm think of him, which means I have little to lose in speaking my mind.