Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Shedroid on Tentacles" in [NAMEL3SS] Magazine, Issue 2

Even though my name was omitted from the ToC listed on the [Nameless] Magazine web-site, I do have an artwork in [NAMEL3SS] Magazine, Issue 2 (Fall/Winter 2012), which was just released recently. You can catch a glimpse of my "Shedroid on Tentacles" in this video, at about 27 seconds in. As a matter of fact, on the audio, it is even pointed out as a piece by Richard Fay!

BTW, this isn't the first time that an artwork of mine has been published in a zine, but my name was omitted from the ToC listed on-line. The same thing happened to me with the publication of my artwork "The Dark Host' in the All Souls' Night 2012 issue of Hungur. That time, I didn't find out that the piece was actually published until January of this year! This time, I have video proof of publication (not to mention, I've already purchased and downloaded an electronic copy of the zine - "Shedroid on Tentacles" is on page 216).

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Richard Fay said...

Just found out that the editor of [NAMEL3SS] Magazine doesn't list artists in the ToC unless they are featured with an interview. I AM listed as a contributor in the masthead in Issue 2:
Richard H. Fay
(Art [Shedroid on Tentacles], pg 216)

I guess that just goes to show that I had better check the masthead, too, before I declare an omission has been made! Oh well, with all the problems I've had with various publications over these past six years, I've gotten rather paranoid about stuff like that.