Friday, May 31, 2013

Redcap of Dunnor Peel

Grisly deeds done in days of yore
Forever tainted Dunnor Peel.
Evil acts performed in years past
On guiltless babe and stainless maid
Cursed tall tower, damned lordly hall.
Behind those walls where murder reigned,
Where grim laird once held bloody sway,
A borderland haunt prowls the dark.

Atop night-blackened battlements,
Phantom lights and eldritch murmurs
Disturb midnight's starlit stillness.
Iron-shod footsteps stomp across
Wooden floors long rotted away.
Within that fortress cold and dank,
A fiery-eyed dwarf roams the dark.

A human caught in Dunnor falls
To a pikestaff wickedly thrust
Right through his beating mortal heart.
The savagely gruesome goblin
Re-dyes his faded crimson cap
In a pool of freshly spilt blood.
With gore-stained hat upon his pate,
A murdering fiend stalks the dark.

Copyright © 2012 Richard H. Fay

(Originally published in The Scareald, Issue No. 2, October 2012.)

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