Monday, May 6, 2013

No Illustrations of Mine for Janrae

And, the publication world makes damned sure it kicks me when I'm down. This is what Janrae Frank just told me regarding a series of six illustrations I did for one of her raunchy erotic fantasy novels, after she previously praised my work and made several unfulfilled promises of payment: 

"I paid someone else to redo the illustrations, because my staff decided that yours were not appropriate."

Nope, I can't deal with unreliable nutters like this any longer.

It seems as though Janrae doesn't like that I mentioned her by name when talking about people who have me do work but don't pay me for it. She first approached me to do the illustrations back in late 2011. I got the first of the series sent off on Sun, Dec 4, 2011. I got the sixth and last one sent off  on Feb 29, 2012. Janrae initially offered one amount, but then upped the offer (which I happily agreed to). However, she then offered me a partial payment when her distributor failed to pay her and the funds weren't there to pay me. When I rejected that last offer, she said she decided not to use the illustrations. That was on  September 29, 2012.

Janrae then approached me again more recently saying she should have a check in March or April that would cover the art and wondered if I was still interested in having her use it. I told her the illustrations were hers if she paid me. Well, she never paid me, and she never responded to my follow-up message. She sure as hell responded when I singled her out publicly as a person who had me do work but never paid.

I'm sick of not getting paid for work I've done in good faith. I'm sick of entering into agreements in good faith and, through no fault of my own, seeing those agreements go up in smoke. I will only tolerate shit for so long.


Richard Fay said...

This is apparently typical of the way Janrae Frank deals with people.. She is also publisher number two in the fiasco regarding the attempted publication of my ill-fated illustrated dark speculative poetry collection. She is the one that decided, after the contract was signed by both parties and the collection was edited, to pull the plug on her poetry line and release the rights to my collection back to me.

Richard Fay said...

I wonder, if I hadn't mentioned Janrae by name when talking about people who hire me to do work but never pay me for it, would she have ever told me she hired another illustrator to redo the work? Tonight was the first I had heard anything about it.

Richard Fay said...

Somehow, I just knew I was going to be screwed in the end.

Richard Fay said...

Let me point out yet again that I'm a "starving" artist with no assets and little income, one who has pretty much given up caring what people in the publication realm think of him, which means I have little to lose in speaking my mind.