Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Looking on the Bright Side...

A positive side to Janrae Frank telling me she paid someone else to redo the illustrations, because her staff decided that mine were not appropriate:

Aside from a few high points, I always thought Janrae's book Serpent's Quest was godawful raunchy trash. Whenever she asked me what I though about it, I always had to be diplomatic in my responses. Illustrating the book was work I was hired to do, so I did the job, and did the best damned job I could, but I was never entirely comfortable with the idea of my name being attached to it. Now I don't have to worry. Someone else is the illustrator of that garbage, not me.

In some ways, it's actually freeing to know this.

The downside? I now have six unusable illustrations that I will never be paid for and that will never see publication.

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