Friday, May 10, 2013

"Giant Alien Bug Attack!" on REDBUBBLE

Since my sci-fi artwork "Giant Alien Bug Attack!" had been stuck in publication limbo for so long (first accepted for publication back in January 2012), and since the rights to the piece have now been released back to me, I figured it was high-time I do something about getting it out there myself. So, I have added the work to my RedBubble portfolio.

"Giant Alien Bug Attack!" was meant to be my homage to the pulp sci-fi of years ago, with a bit of a twist. Note that the woman is the one firing at the giant bug, while her male companion runs away. That was quite deliberate.

I'm still willing to send this piece to any editors or publishers who might ask for it, but I felt I had waited long enough for this piece to see publication that never happened. Now people can finally see it.

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