Friday, April 12, 2013

Not All Home-Educators Are Ignorant Superstitious Child Harming Morons

Homeschooled Kids, Now Grown, Blog Against the Past

Here we go again, religious nutters are giving home-schooling a bad rep. Being a former secular home-educator who saw his daughter graduate with honours from Hudson Valley Community College and then saw her graduate summa cum laude from Russell Sage College, I can safely say that not all home-educators are ignorant superstitious child harming morons. I also think the socialization argument against home-schooling is bullshit, because my daughter is a hell of a lot more social than I am. She knows quite a few people, gets along with most, and has an amazing circle of friends.

It's easy to stereotype all home-schoolers as ignorant superstitious child harming morons. It's also easy to stereotype all home-schooled kids as being socially inept. As with many stereotypes, it's a gross simplification of a complex issue.

Personally, I see the article linked to above as being more damning of extreme Christianity than it is of home-schooling.

And for those who invariably bring up the "socialization" argument against home-schooling, do you want to talk about the negative social environment of many public schools? Do you want to talk about bullying? Do you want to talk about the gang problems in certain schools (definitely a problem in some schools around here)?

Do you want to talk about the crap I had to put up with in grade school and junior high, the name-calling and bullying, from fellow students AND EVEN TEACHERS??!! My third-grade teacher made my time in third grade a living hell. I have never forgotten this. The emotional scars are still there, all these years later.

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