Monday, March 18, 2013

What's Up With Sam's Dot?

What is going on with Sam's Dot Publishing and the various zines they publish? I had my worries about the recent purchase of Sam's Dot by White Cat Publications, but all I heard from Sam's Dot was that the transition should be a smooth one. Despite these assurances, I had a bit of trouble receiving a couple of payments and contributor's copies for material published in the later part of 2012. Three editors have already left or are soon leaving the Sam's Dot fold. Now I receive an "all points bulletin" from the editor of Cover of Darkness that they have no answers regarding the delays in distribution of various zines, and correspondence with their White Cat owner has been slow.

Should I be worried about my two stories, one artwork, and one poem slated for forthcoming publication in three different Sam's Dot zines? I am supposed to have a story in the March issue of Cover of Darkness. It is now March 18th, and no March Cover of Darkness. Will that issue ever be released?

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