Saturday, March 2, 2013

Plate Armour Art, New and Old

When I first started selling my art to the public, back when I sold it at a handful of events, one of the first images I sold was a labelled 15th century armour diagram. I drew my inspiration for the image from various knightly memorial brasses of the latter part of the 15th century. Ever since I've been selling items through Zazzle and Redbubble, I've been wanting to do an updated version of that image. Well, this week I finally created a brand-new piece along the same lines, albeit one based on the brasses circa 1430 instead of those circa 1460 Here is a link to my "Plate Armour Circa 1430" up on my Redbubble portfolio:

Plate Armour Circa 1430 by Richard Fay

Compare this to my earlier labelled 15th century armour diagram, drawn in 1998:

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