Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Personal Story About Writers and Contracts

Many years ago, before there was an internet, I looked into one of those vanity presses for possible publication of a poetry collection. The vanity press in question did send me a contract, but I was less than enthusiastic about the terms of that contract. Actually, I thought the terms stank like the shit they were! Even though I was young and naive, even though I did not have the access to information about such things that writers have today, even though I would have loved to have had a poetry collection to call my own, I followed my gut instincts and never signed the contract. In the end, I ripped up the unsigned contract and threw it away.

If a deal smells like shit, it probably is shit. There have always been those who try to take advantage of naive and desperate writers and artists by offering them shitty deals and hoping some writers and artists are gullible enough to agree to them. Usually, there are some who do just that.

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