Thursday, February 14, 2013

Interested in Exposure-Only to Promote My Work? Not Really

Response I just received to an art submission to a particular publication which, I thought, paid for cover-art:

"Thank you for sending this along. We are a small publication and are currently not paying for artwork. If you are interested in us using it simply to promote your work, that is a possibility. Let me know and, if so, I will forward it to my editor for consideration. Thanks."

My reply:

"At this point, I'm not really interested in exposure-only publications. I was under the impression that you did pay for cover-art, and I was hoping you might consider the piece for use as a cover. I will have to say no to using my "Grinning Redcap" simply to promote my work."

I was tempted to ask if they knew how much art I've already seen published and accepted for forthcoming publication! Nowadays, my art gets plenty of exposure in paying publications. I also sell my art internationally outside of the realm of publication, through my Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store and Richard Fay Redbubble Portfolio.

My current list of art publications may be found below, at the bottom of this blog. A couple more will be added shortly, with others to follow later this year.

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Richard Fay said...

I should add that exposure-only publication to promote my artwork may have been something I would have been interested in four or five years ago, but not now. Now I'm interested in getting paid. I've already got plenty of work out there.