Saturday, February 16, 2013

F.J. Bergmann's Post About SF Poetry

Here is an interesting response to Paul Cook's blog post about SF poetry from F.J. Bergmann, current editor of STAR*LINE, the official journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association:

A Broader View of Science-Fiction Poetry

Yes, yes, yes, especially to this:

"science-fiction poetry is not a subset of science fiction; it is a subset of poetry"


That is how I've always approached my own speculative poetry of all genres, as poetry. It might not always be the greatest poetry out there (seems to depend on the reader), but I try to approach it as poetry first, genre poetry second. I was a poet who wrote poetry with speculative themes long before I knew anything about the alleged divide between speculative and "mainstream" verse.

Of course, I must admit, with a few exceptions, the times I've attempted to read contemporary "mainstream" verse, I've found it to be dreadful. The one time I attended a poetry open mic hosted by a local poetry group, I was definitely turned off by their star poet's curse-laden gritty contemporary verse. Yuck!

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