Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Artworks for STAR*LINE

A triple-play: the editor of Star*Line has accepted all three filler art pieces I submitted in one artwork submission. She wants to run one in each of the next three issues. She would like to use the darkest of the three, a little piece I call "Legion", in the October issue.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Interior Illos in STAR*LINE

Today, I noticed that the ToC for the January 2013 issue of Star*Line has been posted on the Science Fiction Poetry Association web site. I have two black and white interior illustrations, "It Rises From the Ooze" and "Aliens Entwined", in that Star*Line. "It Rises From the Ooze" has not been previously published. "Aliens Entwined" has. When I sent that one to the editor of Star*Line, I had forgotten that the work had previously appeared alongside an artist profile in the e-zine The Gloaming. Even with one spreadsheet for submissions and another for acceptances, it gets hard to keep track of all of my works. Thankfully, the editor decided to use the piece anyway.

One More Publication For 2012

Here is a 2012 publication I missed. My horror artwork "The Dark Host" appears on page 36 of the All Souls' Night 2012 issue of the Sam's Dot print magazine Hungur. It accompanies Terrie Leigh Relf's poem "Once Upon a Time We Thought Them Gods", which was inspired by the artwork. It's always cool when my creative works inspire the creative works of others!

Why did I miss this publication, you might ask? Well, I didn't know about the publication of the art until Terrie told me it had been published, since it had been omitted from the ToC for the All Souls' Night 2012 Hungur posted in the Sam's Dot bookstore. Plus, my contributor's copy was mailed late. I only received it today! Even after contracts are signed or otherwise agreed to, I don't like to announce the publication of a work until I'm sure that work has been published. Things can change, a work can be moved from one issue to another, or get dropped altogether.

To add to my confusion, I had written a new poem, "The Hungering Host", to accompany the artwork, but the poem had been accepted for the April 30th 2013 Hungur. Thus, I assumed both art and poem were going to appear in that later issue. However, Terrie had also written a poem of her own to go with the artwork. As it turned out, her poem and my artwork were published in the All Souls' Night 2012 issue. It appears that my poem "The Hungering Host" will appear in the April 30th 2013 issue.

Confused yet? Wait, it gets even better! This artwork was originally created as an illustration for my ill-fated illustrated dark speculative poetry collection, as an accompaniment to my poem "The Dark Host". However, since the poem "The Dark Host" had already been slated for publication in another zine at the same time the artwork "The Dark Host" was under consideration at Hungur, I couldn't send Terrie that poem when she asked for a poem or story to go with the artwork. That's when I wrote "The Hungering Host", but the artwork ended up appearing alongside Terrie's poem.

It appears that fate doesn't want "The Dark Host" artwork appearing alongside one of my poems! I'm not complaining, though, since I'll now have works in two consecutive issues of Hungur. In a way, that works out better for me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Illustration for PLASMA FREQUENCY

The best response to my critics may be my continued success: I just received word back from the editor of Plasma Frequency Magazine regarding my latest illustration for his zine. His response to the work: "it is great."

Already got paid for it, too. Always nice to get paid for my work. It's especially nice to get paid for my art right after some miserable writer insulted my art. It makes me want to stick out my tongue and blow a big raspberry in that writer's general direction!

My Art Looks Like it was Done in Third Grade?

I was just told by one writer that some examples of my cover artwork look like they were done in third grade.

Well, my third-grade artwork keeps selling, and selling, and selling. Granted, all my sales in the publication realm have been to small presses, but I've seen quite a number of such sales, and that number keeps growing, and growing, and growing. Plus, I also sell my designs to the general public, on merchandise available through my Azure Lion Productions Zazzle store and my Richard Fay Redbubble portfolio.

I'm proud of all my cover artworks. I'm especially proud of some of them, like the artwork I did for David C. Kopaska-Merkel's Brushfires and Shelly Bryant's Under the Ash. I think I did a damned fine job on my latest cover artwork, which appeared on the cover of Plasma Frequency, Issue 2. Then there is my fantasy piece "Conjuring the Dragon" on the cover of Issue 32 of OG's Speculative Fiction.

So, do these look like they were done in third grade?

Mind you, my first cover artwork, "A Leviathan Ascendant" on Abandoned Towers, Issue 3 (which also appeared in the Nov 2009 issue of MindFlights and as an artwork sample accompanying an artist interview in the April 2010 issue of Residential Aliens), may not be as refined as my more recent works. However, keep in mind that my use of a somewhat ligne claire (clear line) style is deliberate. It seems to work for me. It seems to work for the editors buying my works.If the objective of cover art is to attract attention, I think my cover artworks accomplish that goal admirably. The subject matter is always clear and often boldly coloured.

Someone who insults my work is obviously no friend of mine. I don't expect my friends to be fawning fans, but I would like a little respect for my success. I won't put up with put downs.

Why is it some writers feel a need to tell others what they should and should not do, perhaps more so than people in other fields? What makes them feel they are better judges of things (like art) than other people? Why don't they just stick to writing?

I think the time has come once again to concentrate on my Zazzle and Redbubble stuff.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Story Published in January 2013 BARDS AND SAGES QUARTERLY

The January 2013 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly is out. I have a story in that issue. My wizardly fantasy story entitled "Sing the Bones Alive" appears on page 4. Yes, my wizardly fantasy story has been published at last!

Get a copy! Read my story!

Bards and Sages Quarterly (January 2013) on Smashwords

Bards and Sages Quarterly (January 2013) [Paperback] on

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Art in 2013 Versus My Art in 2007

I drew one Crusader Knight this past week, while I drew the other back in 2007. I think my drawing ability has improved over these six years of semi-constant practice. Also, my drawings are larger than they once were. Larger means more detail. My recent Crusader knight is around 8" X 10", while the one from 2007 is only about 5" X 7" (both have been reduced here).