Friday, December 28, 2012

No Such Thing as Speculative Poetry!

Recently, when I mentioned to a fellow-poet that I write mostly speculative poetry, I was told by this poet that there is no such thing as speculative poetry. What?

Do you suppose the poet who told me that there is no such thing as speculative poetry knows that, in addition to the hundred-plus speculative poems I've seen published so far, I also wrote an article about speculative poetry, one that was originally published in the on-line version of Abandoned Towers and subsequently reprinted in the Sam's Dot Publishing speculative poetry magazine Illumen? Do you suppose this poet even cares? Should I care what this poet says?

I think it should be obvious to anyone who knows anything about me that I do believe that there is such a thing as speculative poetry. To be quite honest, I think arguments to the contrary are rather silly.

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