Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today, I received word that my fantasy artwork "Confronting the Dragon" has been accepted for publication in the July 2013 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly. Yet another of my dragon artworks sells. Hurrah for dragons!

Scifaiku Published in SCIFAIKUEST (Print)

Today, I received my contributor's copy of the November 2012 issue of Scifaikuest. It contains, among other works by other composers of small-form sci-fi poetry, my scifaiku "gothic armour". This is a little piece inspired by something historical, Leonardo Da Vinci's robot knight. Maybe that means it's not really a scifaiku at all, but it appears in the scifaiku section of Scifaikuest, so that's what I'll call it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Peg Powler Accepted for SPACEPORTS & SPIDERSILK Door Art

At last, my Peg Powler artwork has found a home! The editor of the Sam's Dot Publishing online zine Spaceports & Spidersilk would like to use my rendition of the River Tees hag as door art for the June issue.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reprint Poem & New Artwork Published in SORCEROUS SIGNALS

A two-fer reprint fantasy poem "When Wizards Clashed" and a new illustration to go with the poem have both been published in the Nov '12 - Jan '13 Issue of the fantasy web-zine Sorcerous Signals. The poem originally appeared in the April issue of the now-defunct web-zine The Absent Willow Review. When the editor of Sorcerous Signals accepted the poem, she also asked if I had an illustration to go with it. I didn't have a previously completed illustration to accompany the poem, so I composed one.

Note the donation button below the poem. If you like my wizardly fantasy poem and artwork, please consider making a donation. Donations made are split 60/40 between the author (60%) and the magazine (40%). Such donations would be a great incentive to keeping this artist and poet composing poetry and artwork. They would also help support one of this artist and poet's favourite fantasy web-zines.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Story Accepted for Fall 2013 SHELTER OF DAYLIGHT

Today, I received word that my heroic fantasy story "An Evil in Carnlinton" has been accepted for publication in the Fall 2013 issue of the Sam's Dot Publishing publication Shelter of Daylight. The editor actually accepted it with a statement to the effect that I'm such a good story teller.

And, yes, this is another prose fiction sale. It only took me four tries to sell this one. I might actually be able to call myself a writer yet. ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Horrorku Published in SCIFAIKUEST (Online)

My horrorku "burrowing worm" has been published in the on-line version of the November 2012 issue of Scifaikuest. You can read my wormy horrorku here.

"It Rises From the Ooze" Accepted for Publication in Star*Line

My weird sci-fi artwork "It Rises From the Ooze" has been accepted for use as interior art in Star*Line. The editor says it should appear in one of the next two issues.

This one was of the quickest acceptances I've seen yet. I received the acceptance e-mail less than an hour after I submitted the artwork!