Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Art on Door of September 2012 SPACEPORTS AND SPIDERSILK

My fantasy artwork "Kamal Del and the Dark Elemental" now appears on the door of the September issue of the Sam's Dot Publishing e-zine Spaceports & Spidersilk. For a while now, "Kamal Del and the Dark Elemental" has appeared on items in my Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store, but it has not previously appeared in a zine. The artwork is supposed to be an illustration for my fantasy poem of the same name, but poem and artwork have never appeared together. It just works out that way sometimes.

My "Kamal Del and the Dark Elemental" illustration took a long route to publication. One venue turned it down because at least one of their editors thought the swirling lines to be too busy. If they think my linework is too busy, what must they think of something like Arthur Rackham's "The Leviathan"? Personally, I like dynamic linework, and I'm influenced by works like Rakham's Leviathan.

Oh, well. Art is such a subjective thing, and "Kamal Del and the Dark Elemental" has now been published in a zine.

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