Sunday, August 19, 2012

"The Dark Host" Published in BETE NOIRE, Issue #8

My reprint dark poem "The Dark Host" has been published in Issue #8 of Bete Noire Magazine (on page 8, I believe). This poem originally appeared in Bewildering Stories back on February 10, 2008. "The Dark Host" is one of my rare rhyming poems; I don't tend to write rhyming verse. It's also a work that some have said seems almost symbolist in nature, even though I didn't intentionally write the piece as a symbolism. I drew my inspiration for the poem from fairy folklore, specifically, tales about the Sluagh. The fact that others saw something else in the piece just goes to prove that poems can mean different things to different readers. Get a copy of Bete Noire Issue #8 and see what you think. Is "The Dark Host" an example of symbolism, or is it a straight folkloric piece?

BTW, I didn't get paid for the original publication of the poem in Bewildering Stories, but I am getting paid for it's re-publication in Bete Noire. Reprints are nice enough, but receiving monetary remuneration for a reprint I received no money payment for the first time around is even better. It's additional validation of my work.

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