Monday, August 6, 2012

Scratch That One off the List of Potential Markets

Alas, I'm afraid I must scratch Niteblade off my list of potential markets. After twenty-five rejections in a row since I saw my last acceptance from Niteblade in October '08, I'm starting to believe I will never see another acceptance from that particular publication. Excluding the poem of mine that was originally published in Niteblade's premier issue and subsequently picked by the editor to appear in their Dec. '11 Special Poetry Issue, I haven't had anything published in Niteblade since "My Final Masterpiece" appeared in their December '08 issue. Twenty-five times I've tried to get other works published by that zine, to no avail.

That list of twenty-five rejected works includes both previously unpublished pieces and reprints. Most of the previously unpublished stuff has seen or will see publication elsewhere. The reprints on the list includes my one published story longer than a drabble ("Vengeance of the Alpe") as well as my poem that made Ellen Datlow's full list of 608 honorable mentions for Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 4 ("What Greets Me at the End" - which was rejected less than twenty-four hours after I had sent it).

Niteblade has never been a particularly easy market for me to get into, though I did manage it a few times back in '07 and '08, as evidenced by the publication of "Fantasyku" in their Sept. '07 issue, "Book of Dimensions" in their Dec. '07 issue, "Corpse-Candles" in their June '08 issue, and "My Final Masterpiece" in their Dec. '08 issue. "Corpse-Candles" also appeared in the Niteblade anthology Lost Innocence. I even had an illustration for "Book of Dimensions" published in their Dec. '07 issue, at a time when they accepted artwork submissions. However, for me, Niteblade now seems to be an impossible nut to crack. As much as I understand the need for persistence and perseverance in the publication realm, I also believe one has to know when to stop banging one's head against the brick wall. If something isn't working, why keep doing it?

(BTW, for a while, my involvement with Niteblade went beyond occasional contributor. I was Niteblade Art Blogger from October '08 to May '11.)

Time to go do some art.

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Richard Fay said...

Michele thought I was wasting my time sending anything to NITEBLADE. Long before the 25th rejection, she had already become convinced that I will never see another acceptance from that market, that anything and everything I send their way will be rejected.

I should listen to my wife more often. She's very wise.