Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reprint Poem Accepted for Nov 2012 SORCEROUS SIGNALS

Following a string of rejections from a handful of markets, finally some good news on the submissions reprint fantasy poem "When Wizards Clashed" has been accepted for publication in the Nov 2012 issue of the e-zine Sorcerous Signals as well as the Nov 2012 issue of the print publication Mystic Signals. The poem originally appeared in the now-defunct e-zine The Absent Willow Review.

In addition to accepting the poem, the editor of Sorcerous Signals also asked if I had an artwork to go along with the poem. I don't, but I could. Never one to pass up an opportunity to illustrate my own verse, I told the editor I could get to work on an illustration for "When Wizards Clashed" asap.

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