Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Silicon Searchers" in TALES OF THE TALISMAN, Vol 8, Issue 1

My sci-fi cinquain "Silicon Searchers" has been published in the Summer 2012 issue of Tales of the Talisman. The table of contents of Tales of the Talisman, Volume 8, Issue 1, may be viewed here.

Being a cinquain, "Silicon Searchers" is short and sweet. After all, it's only five lines long. However, for being such a little poem, it may actually pack a big (shall we say world shattering?) punch. As wordy as I am at times, I think I've gotten pretty good at composing pithy poems.

Get a copy of Tales of the Talisman, Vol 8, Issue 1, and see what you think of my wee sci-fi cinquain.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Any Rational, Reasonable Christians Out There?

One of my Atheist friends has wondered if there are any rational and reasonable Christians out there to counter the irrational, unreasonable, hate-filled extremists of the far Religious Right. Though some may think me barely Christian at best, I do consider myself to be loosely Episcopalian. I may be something of a heretic in my personal beliefs, but I do think Jesus existed and is deserving of worship. I am not an Atheist or Agnostic; based on my personal experiences, I definitely believe there is a spiritual component to the universe.

I have also repeatedly voiced my support of gay marriage and my belief in evolution as a scientific fact.

Any other rational, reasonable Christians out there?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Illustration for November SORCEROUS SIGNALS

I composed an illustration to go along with my reprint poem previously accepted for publication in the November issue of Sorcerous Signals. I sent the art off to the editor, and she said it "looks great." So, it looks like I will be having an illustration published alongside my poem.

Cool! I love it when one success leads to another. At times, it pays to be multi-talented.

"The Dark Host" Published in BETE NOIRE, Issue #8

My reprint dark poem "The Dark Host" has been published in Issue #8 of Bete Noire Magazine (on page 8, I believe). This poem originally appeared in Bewildering Stories back on February 10, 2008. "The Dark Host" is one of my rare rhyming poems; I don't tend to write rhyming verse. It's also a work that some have said seems almost symbolist in nature, even though I didn't intentionally write the piece as a symbolism. I drew my inspiration for the poem from fairy folklore, specifically, tales about the Sluagh. The fact that others saw something else in the piece just goes to prove that poems can mean different things to different readers. Get a copy of Bete Noire Issue #8 and see what you think. Is "The Dark Host" an example of symbolism, or is it a straight folkloric piece?

BTW, I didn't get paid for the original publication of the poem in Bewildering Stories, but I am getting paid for it's re-publication in Bete Noire. Reprints are nice enough, but receiving monetary remuneration for a reprint I received no money payment for the first time around is even better. It's additional validation of my work.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Doesn't Work For Some...

...may work for others.

It's a funny thing when a poem that didn't work and was even seen as flawed by some markets ends up working fine for at least two other markets. Yep, regardless of what harsh criticisms, scathing critiques, and negative comments might lead one to believe, much boils down to matters of opinion and taste. That's why, based on my experience in this crazy field called publication, I tend to take most harsh criticisms, scathing critiques, and negative comments with a healthy dose of salt.

Reprint Poem Accepted for Nov 2012 SORCEROUS SIGNALS

Following a string of rejections from a handful of markets, finally some good news on the submissions reprint fantasy poem "When Wizards Clashed" has been accepted for publication in the Nov 2012 issue of the e-zine Sorcerous Signals as well as the Nov 2012 issue of the print publication Mystic Signals. The poem originally appeared in the now-defunct e-zine The Absent Willow Review.

In addition to accepting the poem, the editor of Sorcerous Signals also asked if I had an artwork to go along with the poem. I don't, but I could. Never one to pass up an opportunity to illustrate my own verse, I told the editor I could get to work on an illustration for "When Wizards Clashed" asap.

Missing Doing Colouring Pages

I miss composing colouring pages for Abandoned Towers. I did four ("A Leviathan Ascendant" in issue 3, "Robin in Sherwood Forest" in issue 4, "Android Attack" in issue 5, and "Excalibur" in issue 6) before the managing editor/publisher put a stop to my regular colouring pages, and then put the zine up for sale. As to why the editor stopped having me create regular colouring pages, I don't believe it was ever a question of quality. I think it was more a question of money. Anyway, I think my drawing style lends itself well to colouring pages. After all, I am heavily influenced by the stuff you find in Dover and Bellerophon colouring books.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Scratch That One off the List of Potential Markets

Alas, I'm afraid I must scratch Niteblade off my list of potential markets. After twenty-five rejections in a row since I saw my last acceptance from Niteblade in October '08, I'm starting to believe I will never see another acceptance from that particular publication. Excluding the poem of mine that was originally published in Niteblade's premier issue and subsequently picked by the editor to appear in their Dec. '11 Special Poetry Issue, I haven't had anything published in Niteblade since "My Final Masterpiece" appeared in their December '08 issue. Twenty-five times I've tried to get other works published by that zine, to no avail.

That list of twenty-five rejected works includes both previously unpublished pieces and reprints. Most of the previously unpublished stuff has seen or will see publication elsewhere. The reprints on the list includes my one published story longer than a drabble ("Vengeance of the Alpe") as well as my poem that made Ellen Datlow's full list of 608 honorable mentions for Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 4 ("What Greets Me at the End" - which was rejected less than twenty-four hours after I had sent it).

Niteblade has never been a particularly easy market for me to get into, though I did manage it a few times back in '07 and '08, as evidenced by the publication of "Fantasyku" in their Sept. '07 issue, "Book of Dimensions" in their Dec. '07 issue, "Corpse-Candles" in their June '08 issue, and "My Final Masterpiece" in their Dec. '08 issue. "Corpse-Candles" also appeared in the Niteblade anthology Lost Innocence. I even had an illustration for "Book of Dimensions" published in their Dec. '07 issue, at a time when they accepted artwork submissions. However, for me, Niteblade now seems to be an impossible nut to crack. As much as I understand the need for persistence and perseverance in the publication realm, I also believe one has to know when to stop banging one's head against the brick wall. If something isn't working, why keep doing it?

(BTW, for a while, my involvement with Niteblade went beyond occasional contributor. I was Niteblade Art Blogger from October '08 to May '11.)

Time to go do some art.