Monday, July 16, 2012

"Adrift in Another Dimension" in Dreams and Nightmares 92

This past Friday, I received my contributor's copies of Dreams & Nightmares 92. My weird sci-fi filler artwork "Adrift in Another Dimension" appears on page 12. The artwork is in my bold black and white style. It contains elements similar to the elements in some of my other works, like "Wander the Ether/Ethereal Journey". However, I think the composition in "Adrift in Another Dimension", with the elements streaming toward a point in the centre, is especially effective and dramatic.

This is my fourth piece of filler artwork published in Dreams & Nightmares. A fifth has been accepted and is awaiting publication in a forthcoming issue. A sixth is awaiting a final "yea" or "nay".  I'm hoping to compose more filler art for submission to Dreams & Nightmares in the near future, once a rather protracted move is finally over and done with (am in the middle of the move right now).

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