Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fascism and Communism: Not the Same

Giving history lectures again. I wish people would study their history. Fascism and Communism are not the same in practice, folks. One way they differ is in the ownership of the means of production. In a Fascist state, the means of production might be controlled by the state, but ownership may remain in private hands. In a Communist state, the state owns the means of production. Such a difference can be seen in the matter of tank design and production, where state factories churned out tanks in Stalin's USSR, while different privately-owned companies competed for state contracts to design tanks in Nazi Germany. For example, Henshel and Porsche produced competing prototypes of the Tiger heavy tank. Even though Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was a personal friend of Hitler's, Henschel won the contract. Henschel manufactured the Tiger tank in their Werk III in Mittelfeld .

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Richard Fay said...

From Wikipedia regarding the ownership of Krupp during World War II:

"In 1943 Adolf Hitler issued a decree known as the Lex Krupp, which passed full ownership of the Krupp empire—which was vital to Germany's war effort—from Bertha to her son Alfried, who then assumed control of the company."

Control versus ownership. In Nazi Germany, the state controlled the means of production, but ownership remained in private hands. In Stalin's USSR, the state owned the means of production.