Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Take a Look at Women's Behinds...

...or, rather, a Tor.com blog post (with pictures) by Emily Asher-Perrin bemoaning the overabundance of promotional images showing women posed with their backsides facing viewers.

He, he, he...Art-wise, I been known to "fail" in regard to portraying women like this. They might not be "looking smouldering-ly" over their shoulders, but I've been guilty of drawing women standing with their behinds facing viewers ("Conjuring the Dragon", on the cover of the September 2011 issue of OG's Speculative Fiction, leaps immediately to mind). Typically, I don't even show their faces. Shame on me!

(A note on the pose in "Conjuring the Dragon": that piece was not meant to depict a static pose. Rather, it was meant to depict a sorceress in motion. Artistically-speaking, static poses can be rather dull.)

(To be fair, I've also shown men posed with their backsides facing viewers.)

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