Thursday, April 26, 2012

Story Quandary

A story of mine has found itself in a strange situation. One venue that pays a token rate had turned it down because their next two issues were already full. I then sent the story elsewhere, and elsewhere again. It is currently under consideration at a venue that pays a semi-pro rate. However, the editor of the venue that had originally turned down the story because they were full has voiced renewed interest in the story. They are now a quarterly publication, and it appears they aren't as full as they once were.

The editor of the venue that wishes to revisit my story said that they were very impressed with the piece and would like to feature it. This is a much more positive response than I had received to a subsequent submission of the story. Another editor rejected the story because he thought I did too much narrating, which kept pulling the reader out of the story. Not that I agree with his recommendation that some of the revelations would be more effective in the dialogue. It seems to me that such a change would make for unnaturally forced dialogue, with people familiar with one another saying things to each other they wouldn't really say, just for the sake of giving the reader those details through dialogue instead of narrative. (Yes, I gave this recommendation quite a bit of thought.)

So, this is my current quandary. What to do? Do I withdraw the story from a venue that pays a semi-pro rate to allow it to be featured in a token paying venue? Do I tell the editor that was impressed with the story and wished to feature it that the story isn't currently available because it's under consideration elsewhere, and hope that the editors of the semi-pro venue are equally impressed with the work? Of course, I'm worried the editors there might find as much fault with the piece as did the editor who thought I did far too much narrating.

One thing this does show - at least one editor was impressed with my story. That's a positive sign.

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