Thursday, April 19, 2012

Medieval Research Blog

I happened across this interesting-looking medieval research blog kept by medieval romance author Joyce DiPastena:

Being an unabashed medievalist, my personal library contains quite a number of books about medieval history, medieval warfare, medieval art, and life in the medieval period. Being a poet, artist, and writer deeply influenced by things medieval, I often research various aspects of the medieval world while working on my various creative projects. It is not unheard of for me to study detailed illustrations of medieval horse harness, or to search for the oath taken by a medieval sheriff. I obviously have to do quite a bit of research when writing my non-fiction articles about medieval subjects ("The Battle of Stamford Bridge", "Edward IV", "Robert the Bruce").

I'm even influenced by medieval art. After all, it has been said, on more than one occasion, that some of my art resembles medieval woodcuts.

I can see why an author who specializes in medieval romance, who does quite a bit of researching into medieval life and times, might want to keep a medieval research blog. After all, why not share all that research with others?

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