Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Saint George's Day!

It's Saint George's Day today! Because of the legend of George slaying the dragon and his supposed appearance during the battle of Antioch in 1098, George happens to be my favourite saint. Of course, he's the patron saint of England and a host of other nations. He's also patron saint of chivalry, soldiers, cavalry, and archers.

I've drawn Saint George a few times. There are five different Saint George images on items in my Azure Lion Zazzle Store:

I also have items featuring Saint George's Cross, which appears on the national flag of England (not to be confused with the Union Jack, which is the flag of the United Kingdom):

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RHFay said...

Argh! It appears that my Saint George's don't actually show up when you follow the links. This is probably due to the fact that I set the rating for the Saint George's at PG-13. I figured it was better being safe than sorry.

Let's see if individual links work: