Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five Years On...

A few days ago, I realized that I've been playing the "submitting for publication" game on a regular basis for five years. I saw my first poetry acceptance, outside of a few poems accepted for inclusion in rather questionable anthologies, in March 2007. I saw my first poetry publication in a zine in April 2007.

What was that first acceptance? "Explorers", accepted for publication in the September 2007 issue of The Fifth Di... What was that first zine publication? "Midnight Sabbath", published in DemonMinds on April 20, 2007. That very same poem came in tied for 1st Runner Up in the 2007 DemonMinds Horror Poetry Contest.

It took me a little longer to start submitting art. My first art acceptance was for my illustration "Things in the Swamp", accepted May 2007 for publication in the 2008 issue of Champagne Shivers. My first art publication was my illustration "The Unseelie Court", published in the June 2007 issue of Fantastic Horror.

I hope that, five years on, I've actually accomplished something. I know I've seen a fairly steady stream of poetry and art acceptances and publications since those first steps toward becoming a published poet and artist. I've even had the occasional non-fiction article published, along with a little prose fiction. Still, I do sometimes wonder if I've really accomplished anything at all. I'm like that.

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