Friday, March 2, 2012

A Recommendation for my Illustrative Work

I know I may be tooting my own horn again, but...

Janrae Frank, the owner of Daverana Enterprises and the author whose works I am currently illustrating, wrote a recommendation for my illustrative work on I'm repeating the recommendation here, because I found what Janrae said about my art to be of interest:

“Richard is both inventive and classical in his approach to illustration. I had searched a long time for someone who could do Beardsley-esque work and I found that person in Richard. He's a delight to work with.”

Beardsley-esque, eh? I now have another term to add to my growing list of descriptors, a list that already includes "talented" and "incomparable". Of course, comparisons have been made. My black and white line drawings have been compared to medieval woodcuts, while my approach to the whole concept of art has been compared to Andy Warhol's approach.

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